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The success mantra of gamification is Unfreeze-Change-Refreeze

A good Gamification Strategy is actually a right blend of Game Mechanics, Reputation Mechanics and Social Mechanics. Driving Behaviors through Gamification is similar to handling Organizational Change.
What are the proven ways to handle Organizational Change? What are the key ingredients for this success recipe?

Knowledge Beyond the Knowledge Management – The Top 5 Challenges

The aim of Knowledge Management is to ensure the right knowledge, in the right place, at the right time so that it can be used effectively while making a decision. While organizations are on their way to convert their KM strategies to ground realities, what are the challenges they experience?

Here is a list of top five such challenges organizations face across the globe.

ITIL for Non-IT: 4 Key Business Lines Where ITIL is Emerging

ITIL is emerging to the ‘Non-IT’ areas because of its robustness and proven value creation. What are the lines of business which can leverage this powerful ITSM framework?