So What Is Gamification?

What is the reason Facebook and LinkedIn has the stickiness which makes us being so engaged with them? Why is Gamification getting popularity day by day and why getting more successful in fighting engagement crisis?

ITIL Qualification Scheme Explained

ITIL Certification Path explained by simple visuals along with the credit system and exam format.

Basics of RACI in 5 minutes!

RACI is a great tool to identify roles within an organization. This can be successfully used when there is role confusion within the company which may lead to unproductive work culture. Here is a simple explanation of RACI.

ITIL Explained By a Simple Analogy of Restaurant [video]

A humorous jargon-free business explanation of ITIL® cycles. ITIL® Explained Simply & Visually describes the five cycles in version 3 of the IT Infrastructure Library by comparing them to a restaurant chain.

ITIL for Non-IT: 4 Key Business Lines Where ITIL is Emerging

ITIL is emerging to the ‘Non-IT’ areas because of its robustness and proven value creation. What are the lines of business which can leverage this powerful ITSM framework?

[Infographics] Will Social Media Be The Game Changer This Holiday Season?

The upcoming Holiday Season is going to be a great win for Social Media marketers. New strategies and new goals to achieve this Holiday Season. [Infographic]

[infographics] ITIL Implementation Roadmap

ITIL Implementation Roadmap at a glance…

Basics of Cloud Computing Explained

A simple explanation for new comers on Cloud Computing. Let’s find out what’s Cloud and what Cloud Computing is!

5 Reasons to Board the ITIL® Flight

Every other organization is either using most common IT Service Management framework – ITIL or planning to take the first step towards the ITIL implementation. What is that driving this decision? What makes it so successful? Why is it not just an add-on but became a necessity? Why even business wish to have practices like ITIL implemented?

Is Gamification simply marketing hysteria or a real force for change?

What is the impact Gamification is making on ITSM? Is there a real demand to keep things so engaging? What Gamification means to ITSM?

ITIL in 100 Seconds . . .

ITIL is the world’s most widely used IT Service Management framework.
Everything you need to know about ITIL in 100 seconds!

Release Management

An interesting video to quickly explain the importance of Release Management!