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A Sneak Peak in Future – Internet of Things – IoT

Internet of Things is one of the most searched key words on Google today and we are already experiencing IoT in bits and pieces around us.
Check out how IoT is changing the world and how a typical day will look like right after a few years from now!

ITIL Qualification Scheme Explained

ITIL Certification Path explained by simple visuals along with the credit system and exam format.

Basics of RACI in 5 minutes!

RACI is a great tool to identify roles within an organization. This can be successfully used when there is role confusion within the company which may lead to unproductive work culture. Here is a simple explanation of RACI.

ITIL Explained By a Simple Analogy of Restaurant [video]

A humorous jargon-free business explanation of ITIL® cycles. ITIL® Explained Simply & Visually describes the five cycles in version 3 of the IT Infrastructure Library by comparing them to a restaurant chain.

ITIL in 100 Seconds . . .

ITIL is the world’s most widely used IT Service Management framework.
Everything you need to know about ITIL in 100 seconds!

Release Management

An interesting video to quickly explain the importance of Release Management!