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Measuring the Success of DevOps

Implementing DevOps? Wondering how to conclude the success? How to measure the results?

Well, here are some metrics which can help you gauging the overall success of your DevOps. All it takes is, picking the right one depending on the situation and effectively measuring the numbers week on week.

Seven DevOps Myths Revealed

The early stage of any emerging concept or technology is prone to attract myths. No doubt DevOps is one of them.
Let’s see what the most common DevOps Myths are along with the facts.

Implementing DevOps – What Did I Miss?

Believe it or not, DevOps is a lot more than new tools, technology and skills. While implementing DevOps, one has to be cautious that it integrates very well within the culture of the organization.

Likewise, there are few more things which can be easily slipped in this movement. Have a look at few of them!