5 Reasons to Board the ITIL® Flight

5 REASONS TO BOARD THE ITIL® FLIGHT at Prashant Arora's Blog

While enjoying its legacy of 20+ years ITIL still a first choice of industry leaders across the globe – from small and medium sized enterprises to large organizations. Where most of the organizations are maintaining the excellence of their service management efforts by using ITIL, the new comers are taking the first step towards the implementation.

What makes it so successful? Why is it not just an add-on but become a necessity? Why even business wish to have practices like ITIL implemented?

Here are the five reasons which I believe strong enough to make a go no-go decision on implementing ITIL.

But before you read further, by implementing ITIL, of course I mean implementing processes within ITIL which best suits your needs!

1. Business and IT Alignment

Aligned IT services with business priorities and objectives, which means the business achieves more of its strategic objectives and IT becomes the enabler.

2. Cost Effectiveness with ITIL

While mapping IT investments against the customer’s requirements to ensure business gets the most out of it, at the right cost and quality showcases the cost effectiveness; the increased business productivity because of more reliable IT services helps to justify the initial cost.

3. Improved Customer Experience

With efficient, effective and consistent IT delivery, improved user and customer satisfaction is a quick win whereas overall perception and brand image improves gradually because of continuous engagement and trusted relationships.

4. Better IT Stability and Quality of Service

Ensures the business is not affected due to unexpected service failures and provides system stability. A balanced proactive and reactive approach ensures better availability, expected quality of services and decreases rework.

5. Enable Business Change and Reduce Risk

Manage simple to complex changes at the speed customers need while ensuring stable and low-risk environment. It manages risk and enables the business to keep pace with changes.

ITIL means changing the way the business demands, so that IT services are developed and delivered in a way that is business focused and value driven.

No Doubt, ITIL requires initial investments from building capability to design right processes and aligning them to the right tool and yes people to manage the roles, however, it is more like a journey which requires a cultural change that should be introduced carefully and thoughtfully.

So where is your organization in this journey?