Monthly Archive: September, 2014

ITIL for Non-IT: 4 Key Business Lines Where ITIL is Emerging

ITIL is emerging to the ‘Non-IT’ areas because of its robustness and proven value creation. What are the lines of business which can leverage this powerful ITSM framework?

[Infographics] Will Social Media Be The Game Changer This Holiday Season?

The upcoming Holiday Season is going to be a great win for Social Media marketers. New strategies and new goals to achieve this Holiday Season. [Infographic]

[infographics] ITIL Implementation Roadmap

ITIL Implementation Roadmap at a glance…

Basics of Cloud Computing Explained

A simple explanation for new comers on Cloud Computing. Let’s find out what’s Cloud and what Cloud Computing is!

5 Reasons to Board the ITIL® Flight

Every other organization is either using most common IT Service Management framework – ITIL or planning to take the first step towards the ITIL implementation. What is that driving this decision? What makes it so successful? Why is it not just an add-on but became a necessity? Why even business wish to have practices like ITIL implemented?

Is Gamification simply marketing hysteria or a real force for change?

What is the impact Gamification is making on ITSM? Is there a real demand to keep things so engaging? What Gamification means to ITSM?