Seven Tips for Leading a Successful IT Service Management Transformation

Leading a successful change in the organization needs a new mindset first rather than new processes, tools and people.
What are the various tactics which can be used to lead and manage a successful transformation?

Resolution vs. Restoration in Incident Management

Find out the basic difference between Resolution and Restoration with a real life IT scenario!

Repair, Resolution, Recovery and Restoration – A recipe of confusion in Incident Management?

Related terms can be tricky especially when people use them interchangeably. Four such terms commonly used in Incident Management context have a very different significance yet we get confused often. Here is all of them explained in detail.

How critical the “Critical Success Factors” are in CSI?

While the utmost focus given in measuring the right KPIs to make and sustain the improvements, most of the times measurements and metrics are not in the best interest of business or customers.
The simple fix to this mismatched expectation is understanding the Critical Success Factors and linking KPIs to CSFs.

The success mantra of gamification is Unfreeze-Change-Refreeze

A good Gamification Strategy is actually a right blend of Game Mechanics, Reputation Mechanics and Social Mechanics. Driving Behaviors through Gamification is similar to handling Organizational Change.
What are the proven ways to handle Organizational Change? What are the key ingredients for this success recipe?

A Sneak Peak in Future – Internet of Things – IoT

Internet of Things is one of the most searched key words on Google today and we are already experiencing IoT in bits and pieces around us.
Check out how IoT is changing the world and how a typical day will look like right after a few years from now!

Measuring the Success of DevOps

Implementing DevOps? Wondering how to conclude the success? How to measure the results?

Well, here are some metrics which can help you gauging the overall success of your DevOps. All it takes is, picking the right one depending on the situation and effectively measuring the numbers week on week.

Knowledge Management – What is in it for me?

The key question “What is in it for me?” must be answered to all stakeholders in order to gain their trust and confidence for Knowledge Management. It is essential to help the stakeholders understand the continual value that can be achieved with a holistic knowledge management system.

Find out what are the 3 key benefits of Knowledge Management.

Seven DevOps Myths Revealed

The early stage of any emerging concept or technology is prone to attract myths. No doubt DevOps is one of them.
Let’s see what the most common DevOps Myths are along with the facts.

Implementing DevOps – What Did I Miss?

Believe it or not, DevOps is a lot more than new tools, technology and skills. While implementing DevOps, one has to be cautious that it integrates very well within the culture of the organization.

Likewise, there are few more things which can be easily slipped in this movement. Have a look at few of them!

Knowledge Beyond the Knowledge Management – The Top 5 Challenges

The aim of Knowledge Management is to ensure the right knowledge, in the right place, at the right time so that it can be used effectively while making a decision. While organizations are on their way to convert their KM strategies to ground realities, what are the challenges they experience?

Here is a list of top five such challenges organizations face across the globe.

[Infographics] Evolution of ITIL – A Brief History

ITIL – a set of guidance developed by OGC, UK has an interesting history or even sometimes mystery! How it got started and what milestones were achieved in the journey of 24 years ITIL history is worth having a look by this cool infographics.